Be stronger than your excuses



We are a team of health experts, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We work with all fitness levels, ages and abilities. 

We’re experienced in clinical exercise if you have injury or medical complications. We also specialise in exercise for the aging population.

We Specialise in:

One to One Training
Active Aging Classes
Health & Fitness
Exercise Prescription
Clinical Exercise
Metabolic Conditioning
Strength Training
Recovery & Regeneration Strategies

Professionals we work with:

Queen Street Medical Centre Inform Physio

Personal Training

Our dedicated team of qualified personal trainers are multi-skilled professionals who are passionate about health and fitness. They love helping you achieve your goals, and will work closely with you for best results. Whether you need a fitness program, or just the motivation to keep going, our trainers are always on hand and ready to help!

We work closely with:

Queen Street Medical Centre

We work with Queen Street Medical Centre to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Inform Physio

We work with inform Physio if you have an injury complication and can tailor a exercise program for your needs.