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Exercise Classes

Our Classes

We run a number of specialty group exercise classes. All classes run for 45 minutes unless stated otherwise. Studio members come for free or $10 for casual attendees.

Core Circuit Class

Designed to challenge you whatever your level or ability. This 45 minute class will help develop core strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. This class focuses on strengthening the powerhouse muscles, that is abs, glutes and lower back.

Pain Free Movement

45 minutes of gentle exercise to keep muscles strong and flexible. The exercises in this class are “joint friendly”. Suitable for  anyone.

Active Aging

Circuit class which features multiple times a week, designed around balance, strength and fall prevention. Individuals work to their level, in a safe and comfortable environment.

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10 trip concession cards and gift vouchers for our classes

Purchase a 10 trip concession card and come to any class you want, and or purchase a gift voucher for a friend or as a gift for someone and let them experience the fun at one of our classes. 

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